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Single individual business line with all business options

1.【Choose new phone number or port existing number】: You have the option to select a new phone number from anywhere in North America or you can keep your existing number(s) and we can port them into our cloud.
2.【Add an optional fax number】: Hosted fax services are available.
3.【Unified Messaging included】: Voicemail, Voicemail to email, Voicemail transcription.
4.【Use your existing IP or analog phone or get a brand new device】: You have the option of keeping an existing IP phone you may have (depending on the make and model and age), get one of our pre-configured brand new IP phones, or keep your existing corded or wireless analog phones and use one of our pre-configured analog terminal adapters (ATA)..
5.【Missed call and Call Detail Reports】: You can receive emails notifying you of missed calls and at any time you can log into your portal and view a list of inbound/outbound calls, emails, play or download emails or faxes.
All of the following are included in your individual voice service
What is included?  
1 DID service (new or port in existing)
1 portal access
1 voicemail with unified messaging
optional IP phone
optional wireless phone
optional headset


Price: $30.00

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