Email-to-Fax send emails and attach PDF, DOC or TIF files that are converted and sent as faxes


Email to Fax is an ideal fax service that allows you the flexibility to send Internet fax directly from your standard email client to any fax number in the world.

Enjoy the ease of sending faxes directly from your existing email client without the need to install additional software on your PC or Laptop. You can more easily manage your communications by maintaining all faxes and emails sent in a single client application such as Microsoft Outlook. After sending an email to fax, you will receive a detailed fax confirmation via email.

Email to Fax Service offers many features and benefits:

  • Clients may fax a simple fax note or attach up to three files for Internet Faxing
  • Supports all the most popular file attachments
  • Real-time Internet Fax Web Reporting
  • Web-based Internet Fax Resend Capabilities
  • Almost Real-time Detailed Email Confirmations of Internet Faxes Sent
  • Auto Retry with multiple route options for the highest success rate
  • Send from any mail client

Fax to Email

Users can receive faxes in their inbox as a PDF or TIFF attachment. Their fax number can be virtually anywhere in North America and receive incoming faxes directly to their email inbox.


Users can send faxes to a special Printer set up on their PC by simply by opening any document, pdf, spreadsheet and selecting File/Print. You can literally fax to virtually anywhere in the world as easy as printing.


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