Print to Fax enables clients to ‘Print’ to a fax machine directly from their Internet-enabled PC. PC to Fax is very convenient and powerful. Clients using PC to Fax simply open the document they want to fax, go to file/print and select Internet Fax as their printer.

The fax is then sent via the Internet to our data center and out over voice network for delivery.  PC to Fax is also available with TLS encryption keeping fax data safe!

PC to Fax has many valuable features including:

  • Address Book for Keeping Most Used Fax Numbers
  • Real-time Status Reporting on Client’s PC
  • Cover Page Generation in 3 Different Formats
  • Fax File Cabinet for Storing, Viewing and Resending Sent Faxes
  • Fax Anything That Can Be Printed

PC to Fax can be used by clients in conjunction with Email to Fax, Web to Fax and Fax to Fax for greatest convenience.

Fax to Email

Users can receive faxes in their inbox as a PDF or TIFF attachment. Their fax number can be virtually anywhere in North America and receive incoming faxes directly to their email inbox.

Email to Fax

Users can send faxes from their email client simply by attaching a PDF or TIFF. You can literally fax to virtually anywhere in the world as easy as sending an email.


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